Monday, 4 January 2016

Dear DIMINY,||A Book Review

Dear Diminy,

You were in my top 5 books in 2015 and I really just wanted to write to you. I have never felt more in love with a contemporary series in my life which probably has to do with the awesome teenage author (Estelle Maskame) who created you and made you a very special book.

First I would love to talk about the Spanish speaking, vegetarian and public speaking bad boy who blessed us all with his fun personality, awesome car and the fact that he cared about a lot of things. Tyler was mature, knew his boundaries in the first place and although he did make a shaky decision it wasn't like he wasn't afraid to admit to what he had done. His romance with the main female character was a like a forbidden romance and I just loved how he handled it. He just had me anticipating that home run (if you have read the book you will get the reference).

I also loved how amazingly descriptive you were. I have never been to New York yet I could picture each scene there perfectly. I would love to applaud the amazing imagery in this book and the attention to detail which some other books lack and really gave the book a wonderful setting. For a teenage author to write such an amazingly compelling book is brilliant and really kicks those who say that teenagers are lazy right up the behind.

I can't say much without giving away spoilers from the first book so I would recommend for you to ad this series to your tbr and get reading about an awesome romance!

Keep Reading,


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