Sunday, 17 April 2016

Bibliophile-A Poem

Hi Guys,
I was inspired by my favourite youtuber Savannah Brown to write poetry and start my writing journey. Here is one a made at the end of March called Bibliophile when I was sitting in bed and I couldn't sleep.

You say you can read me like a book
I'm a tsunami of mismatched metaphors
Jumbled juxtaposition and misunderstood satire
Bound together in a tattered "well loved" novel
Wrung in the hands of those who once cared, taking a piece and passing it on as though at a party of sadistic teens and instead of passing parcels, we pass feelings.
Illustrated by a psychedelic paw, each page a burst of melancholy colours, scribbles in permanent link embedding itself into the rough paper and ending unfinished sentences.

You say you can read me like a book, yet
Your eyes skim past the meanings written in italic comic sans, screaming to be looked at but you sit in your clear specs feigning the intelligence you claim to have.
Coffee stains, heart pains, messed up lies and constant tears.
You say you like literature and hidden meanings, you're addicted to words spun to create images. Why can't you see the message I'm clearly sending to you? You say you're a bibliophile, why can't you be addicted to me?

Thank you for reading this poem. It has nothing to do with me but I like to create characters and I wanted to act heart broken for one night.

Keep reading,



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