Friday, 23 January 2015

How I Write My Reviews||❤

Some people can write their reviews in thirty minutes and some people take a couple of days to write one up. I would classify myself as a bit of both. I can write a review in thirty minutes but I proof read it every single day until the day it would be posted on.

When I read my book a usually take notes on it whilst reading. It is quite surprising how I have time to write down and take notes on books I am reading but I can't take notes or write down things in maths. The struggles!! Going back to topic, I like to write down notes on books because I am quite a forgetful person. I always forget some parts of the plot and I just find that taking notes helps me structure my reviews better. It also stops me from rambling which I do a lot and I am always going off topic. I do find that I try and mention how much I hate Divergent in my reviews as much as I can.

I don't know why but I just added a Miranda Sings picture at the bottom of this post because she is queen! I have just noticed that I haven't written much about reviewing books anyway but in a short summary:
  1. I try and write the review as soon as I finish they book.
  2. I always take notes!!
  3. I try and structure my reviews from the notes I take.
  4. It takes me around half and hour to write up the review and a couple of days after to proof read.
  5. I always mention how bad Divergent is.
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