Sunday, 18 October 2015

A Letter To Illuminae-A Book Review||❤

By Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff
Publication Date: 20th October 2015
Rating: 10/5 stars
*Thank You so much to Rock The Boat News for providing me with an arc of this book. This in no way differs my opinion* 
Dear Illuminae,
It has been only 30 minutes since I have finished you and there a whole load of books sitting in my goodreads for review but you were so special all that I had to get my feelings down. It is currently 11:32 pm and after experiencing you, I feel as alive as ever. Your action kept me on edge and your characters had me wiping tears yet to fall away from my eyes. I just want to dedicate a post to you and your wonderful content.

I had never read any books by the people who created you and I dove in with wool over my eyes. I had obviously had faith in you and I had been watching you from the side lines. When I had seen that I had been accepted my world lit up and I anxiously waited for you in the post. I am glad that I didn't start you straight away but waited until the moment was right. I must admit, I was scared to open you, I don't know why I felt that way but I just was. Although it took me almost a month to finish you, I wanted to indulge every single part until it was embedded into my memory. Your cleverness in the way you were written makes this unforgettable.

I loved your range of characters. You had the sarcastic, the witty, the optimistic and the pessimistic characters and as a whole made you awesome. You are probably the first book where the characters were intended to not be liked but I just couldn't bring myself to hate all these contrasting personalities hidden in 599 pages. Kady Grant was one fierce and intelligent female character who I admired for not only her bravery but her brains and knowledge. Nowadays not many characters are brain smart but only physically smart. Kady could code her way to crashing down superior systems and saving lives. All that just from one brain. Of course there  was Ezra Mason, the jock, the good-looking guy and you just couldn't help but fall in love with him as you go along. His ability to adapt to situations and his drive to live makes me want to create a real version of Ezra and have him all for myself. Carrie Hope Fletcher wasn't wrong when she said that book boys were better!

I also loved how you were written. You were a series of images, dialogue and transcripts. Your words created images and were shaped in a poetic way. The curved with the page and made you even more interesting. You had faces and names and you were perfect. You were mind blowing and emotional and for me the best of 2015. You have deepened my love for sci fi, you have made me want to code again and you have made me want to read you over and over again until you are battered with love. Thank you Illuminae for being such a awesome book and I don't think I will find anything as good as you in a very long time. I hope you see this Illuminae team, stay amazingly awesome.

Yours Sincerely,


  1. Wow this was just perfect...I loved it! I really need to read this book I am seeing it everywhere and no one has had anything bad to say about it yet.

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!!

  2. I am so excited to read this! First off, it sounds amazing. Secondly, I've read some of Amie's books before and they are some of my all time favorites. And lastly, that cover is GORGEOUS. <3 Great review!

    ~Cari @

  3. Aw Naomi, this is such a creative way to write a book review! :) I found Illuminae in the bookstore yesterday, and looked through. I was so shocked to see how different everything looked, and I'm quite worried I might not enjoy it because of the format, which sort of hurts my eyes just a bit. Haha :P Anyway, I hope to pick this one up soon, and glad you enjoyed it so much! Kady Grant sounds like a cool character!!!

    Jillian @ Jillian's Books