Monday, 5 October 2015

Those Cliché Story Lines||❤

Hi everybody!

I'm back, when I say I'm back I don't mean say that I'm back then leave for a month without posting, nope. I'm back for real with a discussion post which has been on my kind over the past couple of days. My question is why do a majority of female characters in books fall head over heels in love then lose their common sense?

This question has been the cause of my many reading slumps
 For example, why does Cassie in the 5th wave always to running back to some Alien psycho dude who she claims she loves and would say "no you are not leaving me again!" Come on, let's be real here. If that boy wasn't my direct family I would drop him and run the hell away and protect myself. Nobody has time for good looking alien boys!

Enough with my rant up there but I'm just going to put my feelings out there and say that it us getting extremely boring that the lead always has to fall in love because guess what? It is so unrealistic. Yeah, yeah it is called fiction for a reason but come on at least make characters relatable! It's like a special Hollywood formula for books checklist which goes like:
  1. Falls in love with bad boy/girl or an incredibly good looking person
  2. Creeping staring at each other (*cough twilight *cough*
  3. Oh no relationship problem e.g. love triangle or argument over something like a sword or hairstyle
  4. The partner takes them stargazing or to a cliff or somewhere incredibly secluded
  5. Oh another bump in the relationship
  6. Either an over dramatic breakup or someone is saved from a dragon or a person with a gun
The End

I think that I have gone extremely off topic here but I just needed to let my formula out. I want some badass story lines on self discovery instead of "oh there is a relatively good looking person lets make them fall in love and buy ponies". I feel like this is a waste of time because I still will probably read, scream at and even enjoy these specially formulated books  as I am a sucker for cliche as much as it makes me gag.

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Do You Find Characters Falling In Love In Nearly Every Book Quite Unrealistic?

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  1. I tend to stay away from romance because of this reason. I feel like it is hard to not make it unrealistic. But when romances are realistic, I tend to adore those books.