Friday, 6 November 2015


Today I wanted to discuss two things I have experience in. One I have done for over a year and the other for 3 months. As the title does say, I am going to be talking about doing Youtube and doing blogging and the similarities and differences. Before I even start this I would like to say that both of these are equally as hard as each other and both are something I love to do even though they're time consuming!

Blogging for me, when I started, was a way to express my feelings about books without anyone seeing my face and I was able to hide behind my computer. Even though my old reviews are utter bull crap, I still love them the same. I love how you can express your feelings through the written word and I can easily put my ramblings to size. Blogging for me is a way for me to keep my chill and I love the sound of the tapping of the keyboard keys. The problem for me when I blog is that I sometimes don't know how to put all the jumbled words down to a post because my mind is constantly thinking of new things to write. 

If you might not already now, I have a youtube channel. I didn't really know that a book community existed on YouTube and I have quickly become obsessed. Luckils for me, my sister already has high tech and was easy editing software for me to use when first starting out (Adobe Premier Pro CS6) because she did film studies so I did have help with the technical side for my first video. The hardest thing about doing Youtube is that it is so awkward getting used to the camera and speaking to it without sounding boring or like a robot. 

Similar to  blogging, your first post is always going to be the one which makes you want to claw your eyes out. Both blogging and youtubing takes a very long time to adapt to and the editing of posts/videos is excruciatingly long but ends up being fun and simple after a while. The only downside I would really have for Youtube is the uploading process which takes sooooooo long whereas with my blog, I can easily just post it straight away. That is the thing which I really need to get used to!

This is one of my videos so be sure to check it out! Also I am 9 subscribers away from 100 which I will probably do a give away for at the new year but make sure to check out and subscribe to my channel! I'm currently typing this on a tablet, so when I get a new laptop (still searching for the perfect one but it's soon), I will be uploading again weekly on my channel!

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  1. I do blogging and booktube too. I feel like, now that I do both of them, I really like or prefer booktube more. Is it bad to say that? I started with blogging and loved it at the time but now it's kind of like a chore and I don't want it to feel that way. Booktubing feels more like escape and I actually love forward to filming videos and making content for my viewers. I've only been doing it for seven months but it's been a great experience. I'm hoping to continue both but I know that one day if I do decide to stop one, it will be my blog sadly.

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

  2. I don't do BookTube, but I do find it a very interesting way to further share love for books! I honestly had no idea that BookTube even existed in the first place, but I like the idea of it and support it all the way :D Maybe I can start a BookTube someday, but definitely not right now because I don't know how people manage both a blog and a channel :P Anyway, great post Naomi! You look great in the video :)

    Jillian @ Jillian's Books