Monday, 23 November 2015

The Book Buying Addiction||❤

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It seems like all I write are discussion posts but I'm not a big fan of writing reviews anymore and discussions are my favourite. Today I will be talking about the dreaded book buying addiction. By that I mean prioritising books over e.g. clothes or even snacks sometimes. Yes people, I will not buy my beloved peperamis so I can buy books. (I'm not allowed them but I buy them anyway from  Asda!). It has come to a point where I am buying books because I am feel sorry for myself or I buy books because I'm suddenly on Amazon for no reason. Please comment if you feel the same way.

I never used to buy books that often. I loved using the library, both my local and my school. I wasn't bothered to buy books and I was more interested in bad looking clothes and nail polish. That faze went on up until probably around May/June this year when I decided to stop spending money on crap and start to build my YA book collection. Although it might sound like an excellent thing it has become a complete addiction.

When I'm outside the first place which I rush into is Waterstones, where I proceed to grab as many books as I can. The worst part is the fact that my local Waterstones has a Costa on the second floor, who do the best hot drinks ever, and it just makes me feel so cosy and nice. Cosyness=books=buying books=drinking coffee&reading books. I'm constantly ordering new books with money which I didn't even know I had in my bank account and it has just become a norm to me.

The only reason I am writing this post is because I feel like I'm becoming more materialistic but at least I'm not addicted to buying designer bags!

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  1. I've always thought that buying books was the best way to go, but in the end, things just started piling up and I realized that it was so much easier to borrow or buy scratch and dent copies. Now, I rarely go to the bookstore! But I do like to treat myself at the bookstore sometimes too ;)

  2. I am just like you. I love buying new books and I cannot help myself :)