Friday, 12 February 2016

A Piece of Creative Writing

Hi guys,
Recently I have started to enjoy creative writing so I just wanted the share something I wrote in one English Lesson (btw this wasn't planned as I forgot to do the planning homework, lol!). I edited it a tiny bit so here it is:

A blanket of murkiness does not only cover her once blue skies but the water which drowns her vast body parts. She chokes on the outcome of human activity, gropes for the layer which once protected her and burns slowly underneath the stat which once kept her going. She was earth and she was slowly dying.

Vultures circle the sky and though they were waiting for her downfall and destruction, preaching on withered trees and picking at carcasses which lay across the few dry lands. Rubbish, plastic bottles, tin cans, cables, batteries, fish, sharks, birds, life. All shattered across the shores, burying themselves into the sandbags though they can be dug up again like Viking coins wanting to be part of history but, who would be there to find them? Who would want to stay on a sphere of water, wastage and war?

 A place which survived for millions of years only to destroy itself. A place where people never got along and showed guns, skilled guts and severed heads instead of showing unity, peace and love. It wasn't she who caused the destruction. She gave them a blank canvas and some paints only to be served ripped material, crimson staining the innocent and a chipped wooden frame. They gave her splinters and she didn't have time to pull them out because the damage was already done expecting her to smooth it all over and suddenly be as she was before. That's the thing. She isn't the universe. She can't decide whether or not she wants to expand or collapse into herself, she can't keep herself and everybody around her going on and on until time decides to stop. Maybe she could've prayed to some deity, but don't be silly, she's just a piece of rock right?

To her the endlest seas felt like the sorrow she continuously drowns in. The polluted skies show her blurred lines of understatement and that she should've wept long before, now there wasn't enough time to save her. She should've choked them from the air supply like they strangled her with their industrialisation. She should've somehow fed the hungry mouths and given them her lands and then starve those with money motivated stomachs-yet it would make her worse than they ever were. She should've shielded the endangered, fought the tyranny and the hate. Then she remembered, she wasn't human. She wasn't meant to feel emotional, feel pain, have faith or wish for the better. She wasn't allowed to have pity or fear or hatred or even love. She lost all those privileges when she let life roam her. She was once a gem of the galaxy, different to any other. Now she was a dull stone and she let it happen.

Thank you for reading this!! This is my first try at creatively writing properly so it probably is utter crap!!

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  1. This was really good, Naomi! I loved your use of figurative language. :D
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

    1. Thank you so much! This made my day even better :))