Thursday, 30 October 2014

A Series A Month||❤

I saw this tag on someone else's blog who tries to continue/start a new book series each month. When I next come across their blog I will definitely link them here or if anyone finds them please tell me!

So this month I have decided to start the Gone Series By Michael Grant. This series has been raved about by quite a lot of people and to be honest it does look amazing! I do wish to start it soon and I am actually starting to move onto the book after I rake through Vampire Academy.

Also, I would like to continue and finish reading the Gallagher Girls series because it is cute and a brilliant quick read. I do want to see how the characters will develop!! 
So that is it really, a fun tag thingy. I hope this becomes a really massive thing because it was actually fun to do. Plus I hope you guys are liking my active posting week, you know, just to keep things running.

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  1. I aim to read a series a month anyways, because it feels like a great accomplishment afterwards :D