Monday, 17 November 2014

My Favourite Wattpad Stories||❤

I have a current addiction to Wattpad. It is an amazing site where I can discover new books by people who aren't even published yet but write like professionals. Some people think that Wattpad is a place where One Direction Fan-Fictions flood your page but hidden behind that are many amazing novels written by teenagers who end up being published! I am a big sucker for romance and if you look through my Wattpad you will find a hell-load of them. Sometimes I find myself staying up until 4am just to finish stories! Click on the links aswell to check them out!

This book isn't finished but words cannot describe how much I love this book. It is amazingly written and I find myself waiting every week for a new chapter and it is on my head all the time. I even archived this book so that whenever it is updated I can read it off my phone from the Wattpad app anywhere.

Bloody hell this is amazing! I cried my eyes out when I found out that it had ended. It is written in form of a movie (not a script) and those were probably the best 86 (I think) chapters of a book I have ever read in my life. This book was just phenomenal. It shows you how being rich doesn't mean that you have the perfect life but they are as flawed as we are. BY FAR THE BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ ON WATTPAD, hands down. I found myself wiping a tear after reading this beautifully written. #f.a.i.t.hfamilyforlife

I sit behind my computer waiting for this one to be updated. It is just so darn good! I mean who thought that the presidents daughter disguised as a school girl would work as a story! It is absolutely amazing!!

I love how realistic this book is. It's not all about the perfect love story it is just different. It does cover sexism and how girls can be pushed out and used to attract attention. I love the cover of this book and I hope this gets published because so much effort was put into this book by the author!

I just wanted to tell you guys about my favourite Wattpad stories and why I love them so frikking much!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I've just discovered Wattpad and I really like it. I'll be sure to check out those stories!

  2. Great post! I'm excited to check out the stories you featured :)