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Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets-A Book Review||❤

Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets
By J.K. Rowling
Publication Date: May 28th 1999
Rating: 4/5 stars

Harry Potter is a wizard. He is in his second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Little does he know that this year will be just as eventful as the last…

My Thoughts...
This book is probably my second favourite Harry Potter book. This is where everything starts and this is where the drama begins!! This is where we start to see how important Harry Potter is. Also  we meet new characters who will play quite a large role in Harry's school life.

My favourite characters out of this book would have to be Professor Lockhart. I love how he is deluded and thinks too high of himself when we know as readers that he is not all he says he is. He takes a liking to Potter to guide him through his 'fame' and teach him how to not let take it over him even though Harry is completely confused. My other favourite character in the book would have to be Dobby, who doesn't love him? He is such a sweet elf who thinks about others way before himself. He is what you would call a loyal elf to his master and is just such a humble little elf. He does cause quite a few problems though but he is quite clueless.

We also encounter *whispers* 'You-Know-Who' which is quite exciting as he is in a different form but I don't want to give away what he is up to or I would basically spoil the whole book for you. Once I start talking about a tiny part of the book I will end up telling the whole plot. Also we find out that Harry can speak (SPOILER ALERT-uncover the highlight) Parsel tongue which means he can communicate with snakes. He only has the power as it was transferred to him when he Voldermort attempted to kill Harry when he was a baby!  I had to let that out somewhere! That is probably the most fascinating thing about Harry, he has the ability do what I mentioned before.

Overall I do think that this was a very good second book to the series and definitely didn't disappoint after reading it again. I would definitely advise you to carry onto the second book if you didn't really like the first book as it is where the drama really starts to really unfold and things get more interesting.

What's your favourite book from the series?

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  1. Love this book and the series do much! I can't pick a favourite though... possibly Order of the Pheonix? Argh I can't decide, don't make me! Great review :)

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  2. Aww I loooved Harry Potter!! 2012 was the first time reading this book for me and I know I was a little bit late to the bandwagon but it slowly became my favorite series and I grew an attachment to it even if I hadn't grown with it like most people did <3

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  3. I have only recently read the first two Harry Potter books for the first time, but I didn't like them as much as I hoped I would've :/ This one was good and an addition to J K Rowling's exceptionally creative ideas, but I did find the plot slow placed. I am glad to see you were able to enjoy this one so much though ^.^