Monday, 9 March 2015

Stung-A Book Review||❤

By Joss Stirling
Publication Date: February 5th 2015
Rating: 2/5
Stung by Joss Stirling is a breathtaking romantic thriller from the bestselling author of Finding Sky. Sixteen-year-old Kate has a talent for disappearing. Framed for murder, and hunted by a violent gang, she's running for her life ...Nathan is the young recruit tasked with finding Kate before her enemies track her down. He's determined to stay detached no matter what. But when Nathan and Kate's paths collide, neither is prepared for the electricity that sparks between them. As the net tightens, can they trust each other long enough to stay alive? Or will their next kiss be their last?

My Thoughts...
*Recieved this book in exchange for an honest review*
When I requested for this book, I didn’t actually know it was a second book to a series so I was quite confused. When I did actually look into the book I found out that the first book was based on different characters so I wouldn’t be missing out on that much. This book follows two characters, Nathan and Kate. Kate has been running away from her agent school because she has betrayed them and is afraid to go back to them as she would be tracked by Scorpion again, which is a dangerous Indonesian gang who mark you for life and if you leave you are killed. Nathan is a boy who has gone from the scrawny boy at the back of the class who tried to make everybody happy to a boy who was hit by puberty with a truck. He is told to go and hunt her down as his mission but will he really let his feelings which he thinks are gone get in the way of achieving what he is meant to?

As much as I liked the idea of the book, the characters just annoyed me a bit too much. I mean first of all Nathan and his pet names, I mean calling her ‘babe’ or ‘hun’ every single time to speak to you does not make me think of you as a handsome person but it screams jerk. Their flirting is unrealistic and Kate is just a bit to thirsty for attention for my liking. I was just done with her when she wore small boys school shorts and starting moving her behind trying to attract boys attention. Could she at least have some self-respect and stop being such an attention seeker because it was just pulling at every single nerve in my body. I thought that their romance was kind of sweet, no biggie but I wanted more action. Can these books being written at around this time please concentrate more on the action and the exciting stuff in the story? Sometimes unneeded romance can just spoil everything that has happened in the story because I really did love the idea of it. It is quite disappointing.

I am quite into books to do with spies e.g. Gallagher Girls, Cherub and The Alex Rider Series because I do love the idea of mystery and a tiny bit of violence (not like full on but you know mild) to add a bit of drama to a series, I do think that this book needs to change a few things because I don’t really think they go well. It might be due to the fact that I hadn’t read the first book in the series but overall I do think this was an alright book with quite a bit of action which did do some justice but I do think that maybe it would have helped me a bit more if I knew about he characters and if I didn’t find it a bit too awkward for me.
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  1. Shame you didn't like this book all that much, it looks to be a no-go for me too... annoying characters and not enough action? I'll pass. Great review nonetheless!

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  2. I haven't heard of this book yet at all but it was nice to hear about. I think it is one I am going to miss on because your review doesn't make it sound too amazing. But thanks for your honesty.