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A Matter Of Heart-Review&Giveaway

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A Matter Of Heart 
By Amy Fellner Dominy
Publication Date: 12th May 2015
Rating: 4/5 stars
Readers will happily sink into this emotionally grounded, contemporary young adult novel about the sudden end of one girl's Olympic swimming dreams and the struggles she endures before realizing there are many things that define who we are.

Sixteen-year-old Abby Lipman is on track to win the state swim championships and qualify for the Olympic trials when a fainting incident at a swim meet leads to the diagnosis of a deadly heart condition. Now Abby is forced to discover who she is without the one thing that's defined her entire life.

My Thoughts...
I was a sporty and an extra determined girl when I was younger and I always chased for what I wanted to to. This is what made me love the book even more. A Matter Of Heart is a book based on determination, defeat and commitment. This book was all about going after what you aspired in life and it gave a great positive message. I loved how it also showed how going far across the line could lead to struggles in life and that there is a moment where you just have to stop.

Abby was not your average female character. She woke up at 5 am to get to the pool, she spent her spare time teaching children, her whole life was based in the pool. She was funny, persistent (it did bother me at times) and an inspirational person in general. It did seem like she had the perfect life on the outside but swimming was what she relied on to get into college and what she was known for and how she got her boyfriend. Although her own dream was to become an Olympic Swimmer at 16, it was almost like it wasn't her dream it was her coaches dream and her Dad's  dream.

Overall, I think this is a fantastic book which is great if you are both into sports and not into sports. If you love a good quick read which you would be attached to this is the book for you!!

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review, thanks to the FFBC Team!*
Sports I Have Played
When I was in primary school I was quite an exciting character. I hung out with my brothers instead of my sister, I loved to run outside and get my hands dirty, I was always falling over in the playground and I loved P.E lessons. Now, I can't say the same thing!
I have played...
  • NETBALL- I started this sport when I was in year 5 and I surprisingly carried it on and I was part of the Netball team and then I quit to do music things instead.
  • FOOTBALL- I had an obsession with football for quite a long time because I always played it with my brothers. I was alright at it but I was completely devoted to it. I always used to attend football matches but I'm too lazy now!
  • STREET DANCE- I wonder if this counts as a spot but I did do it for a while to pick it up and then I realised that I wasn't a very talented Street Dancer. Plus, I was scared to do any tricks which involved me with being upside down.
  • HOCKEY- This is my favourite sport. I did it when I was younger, I loved it for ages and still do. I used to always play hockey every Friday for 2 hours even when it was raining outside. I love the game and the energy it gives of.
  • SWIMMING- I took swimming lessons for donkey years. I always loved the water but not so much now as I now I have a fear of swimming and swimming pools (That is an extremely long story). I used to wake up at like 7am on a Saturday morning to get myself to the pool in time for lesson (I am a crazy child, right?)

Giveaway Time!!

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Amy Fellner Dominy worked as a copywriter in the advertising business before leaving to earn her MFA in playwriting. Her plays for adults and children have been staged in various cities around the country. Amy's novels for teens include OyMG (Walker, 2011) and AUDITION & SUBTRACTION (Walker, 2012.) Amy's next book is a contemporary YA coming Spring, 2015 from Random House. It's called A Matter Of Heart.

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  1. The book sounds interesting. I've never won a book. :)

  2. I am someone who likes having sports in my books, and am glad when its not always the usual football and baseball! Personally, a sport I am and will always be crazy about is basketball. I love playing it, love the everything <3