Monday, 18 May 2015

Music I Listen To Whilst Reading||❤

Hi guys,
I listen to music sometimes when I read and I feel like it sets the mood when I read. Today I want to share the music that I listen to whilst I am reading! I would like to pick one artist every month or so whoI could recommend to you!

LEWIS WATSON:His songs are amazing! All his music is so raw and that is what I love about his songs. I always find myself singing his songs when I'm walking around. He is a great person to listen to when you read because his songs are quite upbeat and good for summery contemporary reads or even any other kind of book if you want something soft in the background.

Seriously check this guy out, he is brilliant!

Keep Listening,


  1. Thank you for the awesome recommend ! I mostly listen to slow songs when I'm reading sometimes, it helps me concentrate better :)♥

  2. Thanks for the music rec! I do tend to listen to faster songs depending on the book, especially if they have some action sequences. I will definitely be adding Lewis Watson to my reading playlist!

  3. I love music recommendations, being older, I have no idea what's out now. The Backstreet Boys could be back on the charts for all I know. I've actually never tried listening to music while I read. I know the TV being on usually disturbs me, but going to pop a few tracks on my Kindle and see how I go. I'm assuming you keep it as mood music, or you;d find yourself singing more than reading :D

  4. I haven't heard this artist before now. I mainly listen to pop music though.