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Erin Meeting Stephen Chbosky-SBPT||❤

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Today I have the lovely Erin @The Hardcover Lover who has met the well known and awesome author, Stephen Chbosky!
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When I enrolled in a small, rural college about an hour away from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I never in my life imagined that one day an author as epic as Stephen Chbosky would come to talk to the students. But to my surprise, he did! 
It was during either my sophomore or junior year (I really don’t remember at this point), but the admissions department changed the freshmen required reading book to The Perks of Being a Wallflower. A lot of the upperclassmen were upset because we had to read a really stupid book, and all these new kids were going to be able to read an amazing book before entering college.
Then the signs started appearing in the dining halls. Stephen would be coming to speak at our school! I was excited as I could be! I waited and waited, and when the day came, I made sure I got in line so I wouldn’t be turned away from the event. We all listened as Stephen told us about how Charlie is slightly based on himself as a teen. Then he started addressing the movie. At this time, the cast list wasn’t confirmed, but Stephen told us that Emma Watson had signed on to play Sam. We were supposed to keep it a secret, but with so many kids on smartphones, it was impossible.
Then at the end of the event, he did a book signing. I waited in line for him to sign my book, and even though there were about 500 people in line, he personalized every single book. I thought that was the best part of the night. He was recently married, and probably wanted to get home to his wife, but he stayed well past the ending time to sign books.

Then, a few years later, my friend and I decided on a whim to go see the film version of The Perks of Being a Wallflower on opening night. I had loaned her my book, and she fell in love with it, so we thought, “Why not?” We piled into her car, and drove off to the theater. 
When we got there, I saw a table, and behind that table was a face I recognized. It was Stephen. We didn’t have time before our showing to hop in line, but we hoped he’d still be there when the movie was over.
When the movie was over we rushed out of the theater. The line to meet Stephen was pretty short, so we hopped in. It was technically closed, but my friend and I were balling our eyes out, so an usher let just us two get in line. I was in awe because I really thought we’d have to go home.
When we finally got to Stephen, he called us his “favorite people of the night,” and we both laughed and smiled as he signed promotional posters for the film. He actually talked to us a bit more than he did with the few people who were ahead of us in line, and this time, I got a picture. I even told him that he signed my book, and he actually remembered! I was so ecstatic.
That night was the best night of my life. My friend and I drove through the tunnel, and we just relived everything from that night while listening to the Perks soundtrack as the city of Pittsburgh appeared in front of us. It was perfect.
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 Erin is a twenty-something substitute teacher and YA book blogger. When she’s not reading, she’s looking for a full time job because she’d love to share her love of literature and the English language with teenagers. Erin loves owls and polka dots. She has two cats - Lizzie and Luna – who drive her crazy. 


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