Sunday, 23 August 2015

How Wonderland Novels Started Blogging-SBPT||❤

Hello everyone,
Today the wonderful Alice and Yillang are on my blog to write a bit about how they got together to start a blog!!!

Alice and I met during sophomore year of high school and one of our common interests was reading books! We would always talk about books together and during our senior year of high school, we heard that Book Expo America was also doing a convention for books (BookCon) that was open to the public so we decided to go together. It was after the convention that we decided to get into blogging together to spread and write about our love for reading. We've faced some challenges among the way, especially when we were both busy with college and weren't able to post as much. But we both love blogging and coming up with posts together. Having a blog gives us a wonderful outlet to share our love for books with everybody!       

What an amazing story! Just to show how blogging is not all about books but finding friends with common interests and sharing it with the internet. Thanks for stopping by Alice and Yillang!


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  1. This is amazing! I wish I had someone to share my blogging/book love with :)

    Jumana @ Books by Jay