Friday, 19 September 2014

The Perks Of Being A Bookworm||❤

Hi guys,
As you know my blog name is The Perks Of Being A Bookworm. After having this blog for a couple months, I've decided to tell you guys what the perks of being a bookworm actually are!

Now, I must say I have been a bookworm since Reception in Primary School (I think that would be kindergarten in other countries) I was around 4/5 years old. I was always sent home with those books which were massive and I had absolutely no interest. My teacher would expect me to read it in a week but I would come back all the time saying I had read and finished the book, so I moved up to the books into the year 1 classroom. This had me excited and I have loved books ever since. I would say my best book achievement was that in year 3 I was one of the first people to progress into reading 'rainbow books' which meant I could select any book in the library and finally stop reading Biff and Chip. Anyone else remember the Biff and Chip series?? Anyway, I was allowed to read the books which the older juniors could read and I was thrilled! To finally be approved of reading more advanced books like Artemis Foul, but I never liked those type of books and buried my head into the Roal Dahl series instead!

Classic starter book isn't it? Well now I will actually get onto the perks of being an actual bookworm.
  • It is fun!! Being a book geek means that you can escape into a story, you can connect with characters, create different endings and find you perfect book boyfriend (I mean , who hasn't done that!)
  • You become more imaginative! Fiction books aren't in the real world and what makes things better is that you can picture the book the way you want it to be pictured. Like I imagined the hunger games arena would be way different to what the directors of the films visualised it as.
  • You learn new vocabulary! This sounds more like a one a teacher would tell you at school but seriously, by reading more then your english grades might go up and you will have a better understanding and will find it easy to quickly get to know books because you are an avid read.#
  • They are just amazeballs!! I know, I said amazeballs (woops). Books are amazing and are the greatest things in the world. What saddens me is that most people have stopped buying paperback books which is so  ad. Although I do have a kindle and sometimes I do buy a couple books on it but nothing beats a good old paperback. Hands up if you like the smell of new books *raises hand* am I the only one, yep, urmm, I think I should stop now........
So guys, I hope I can connect with all you proud bookworms out there and I will see you next Monday I think!

Keep Reading,



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