Friday, 12 September 2014

This Weeks Books||❤

Hi guys,
So today I will be sharing with you the books I have started to read or continuing to read this month!


My First Pick- The cover wasn't very appealing to me but I really did like the blurb! I like how it is about phobias and I have learnt a few whilst reading the first parts of the book like, 
Phobophobia- The Fear Of Phobias
Nelophobia- Fear of Glass
Frigophobia- The Fear Of Becoming Too Cold
I am actually getting quite good at naming phobias now. An interesting find and I hope to finish it when I have time because you know, I have a lot of work to do.

Another book I have started but not finished this week is (I know, two books at once, crazy right?) is The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones. I have heard mixed reviews on this book, some calling it awful and some people raving about how awesome it is. I haven't read enough of the book to judge it but at least I got past the first couple of pages without slamming my head against the table.

And the last one for this week is Allegiant. I might have a review on this on Monday so keep your eyes peeled! Enough of my promotions, I just couldn't carry on with this book. I started it off but I just can't see myself finishing off the books. I am cringing so much that I just want to bury the series 6ft underground and let its pages soil and crinkle until there is nothing more of it, that is how I genuinely feel about this book. I stare at the cover endlessly, hoping that one day I would be able to finish it but I just can't. Maybe if I just forget about everything I think badly about the book and just picture Theo James in my head all the time, then maybe I would be fine!

That is it for this Friday's random post thing but I hope I didn't bore you to death completely! Yes people, I am cheating on my books and reading so many at once. I only do this so I can keep my mind busy on books and it has me spending more of my free time actually doing something productive instead of sitting there watching Dance Moms and The Xfactor.

Keep Reading,



  1. Beautiful blogs!! Great book reviews<3

  2. I really enjoyed the Mortal Instruments series. They are well written, the world building is phenomenal. The third and fourth books, in my opinion, kind of drag on, but all in all, it is well worth the read! I cannot wait to read your review of this book, and I hope you continue with the rest of the series (:

  3. Great picks! I read Need by Carrie Jones awhile back, one of my gags!

    1. I meant favs, not gags! Oh the joys of spellchecker! :)