Monday, 27 July 2015

Music I Listen To Whilst Reading (#2)||❤

Hi Guys,
I haven't done a post about listening to music in a while so I decided to share with you some of the things I listen to whilst reading.

Today will be a bit different as I have two artists to show you. One is a late-romantics composer and the other is modern.

Jean Sibelius Violin Concerto Op. 47 in D minor
 A fun fact about me is that I am very much into Baroque and Romantics music. Sibelius is one of my all time favourite composers and I love to follow the sheet music sometimes when I listen to it, of course when I am not reading. This was infact the only concerto he wrote. A concerto is basically when one instrument plays a solo and the whole orchestra accompanies it. It takes a whole lot of music theory to work out different parts of the piece and it has 4 movements.

  1. Allegro Moderato-meaning moderately fast and is the dramatic part of the piece.
  2. Adagio di molto in Bflat Major- This is basically the slow part of the music and is brilliant
  3.  Allegro, ma lo tanto in D Major- This is the finale of the piece! It repeats some segments of the first piece and is a great ending to a brilliant piece.
Although it may look like a bore, check out some 'classical' (in inverted commas because technically it is romantics but people label it as classical) music because it actually not that boring plus it over excites me when I talk about this kind of stuff. I was about to go into relative majors/minors, harmonic scales and tempo changes but I will spare you your time.

If you are looking for an indie and acoustic sound, Daughter is the band for you. Whenever I listen to their music I instantly get chills and it just brings me joy. It also makes me feel chilled out and I love to listen to them whenever I want to block out any sound surrounding me

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Feel free to share what music you listen to when you are reading with me!

Keep Reading,


  1. I like listening to Nightcored songs that make me feel pumped. I don't know why but it gets me into the story better.

  2. I am going to check out Daughter- I love finding new artists. I can't listen to music while reading, I always end up loosing my place. However, I love to listen to music while revising or doing the housework, it definitely increases my productivity. :)