Friday, 24 July 2015

The Death Cure-A Book Review||❤

The Death Cure 
By James Dashner
Publication Date: April 5th 2012
Rating: 1/5 stars
The Trials are over. WICKED is planning to restore the survivors' memories and complete the final cure for the Flare.

But Thomas has already remembered more than they think. And he knows WICKED can't be trusted...

The time for lies is over. But the truth is more dangerous than Thomas could ever imagine. Will anyone survive the Death Cure?

My Thoughts

I am extremely disappointed.This is not how I really wanted to start my review. I thought the first book was alright, loathed the second and I wanted to burn the third. The Maze Runner is probably one of the most overrated series I have ever read and I think I just read it for the sake of reading the series because it had films coming up. I don’t want this to be a review where I just bash the series completely but let me just explained why I didn’t like this book so much.

Thomas, Thomas, Thomas. Yes you face claim is Dylan O’Brien but I still don’t like you. Thomas was annoying, indecisive, he didn’t know what he was doing and he cared a bit too much. I am all for characters who care about their friends but I swear this guy would jump into a volcano in hope of finding his friends and burn to death. He just made all the wrong decisions, he thought that he was above everybody else and used that stupid Glader’s slang a bit too much for my liking. I can’t even explain how much he aggravated me and his fake ‘I’m going to try and be a leader and I’m going to try and be better that everybody else because W.I.C.K.E.D love me kind of act.

Also I didn’t really get the point of anything happening in this book. Yes, you hate W.I.C.K.E.D and you do want to take them down but why did everything just happen at once. Some characters were put in for the sake of things and I felt like kicking Brenda in the face (sorry if I  do sound oddly violent) I want to scream at Thomas “BRENDA WAS DOING THINGS BEHIND YOUR BACK YOU USELESS TWAT, WHY ARE YOU STILL FRIENDS” I think I mainly didn’t like this book because of decisions and I felt like it ended a bit on a stupid note.

If I carried on with this review then it would literally be a novel so I just want to say that I didn’t actually enjoy this series because I thought that it was poorly written and thought out. I don’t think that I will be reading anymore books from this author. Sorry James Dashner but this series is a no from me :(

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  1. I'm sorry to see that you didn't have much luck with this series! I read it when I first started reading dystopian books and I enjoyed it. Hopefully your next read you'll enjoy more!
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  2. Whoa. I know so many people hate this last book, but I could never understand why! I read this one myself a long time ago when I marathoned the series. I wasn't completely satisfied with the ending but I still managed to enjoy it well enough, maybe 3 stars worthy. It's a shame you hated the ending so much :/