Saturday, 13 December 2014

Insurgent Trailer!||❤

The Insurgent Trailer has finally come out!! But....wait for it.....I found it boring. I thought that some parts of the trailer weren't actually in the book from what I remember. Also, I thought things were over dramatised that it actually was hilarious. COME ON TOBIAS YOU COULD'VE WAITED FOR THE TRAIN TO GO PAST!  

I won't lie but I am genuinely excited for this one. I hope it isn't as horrible as the book was. I have kind of high hopes for this film. I at first thought that the clip in the trailer when Tris is jumping off the building was a troll but nope, it is actually in the film. I don't really think I can take that part seriously!

Do you like the Divergent Series?

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  1. I loved the first film (though not as much as the book) but after the trailers for Insurgent I'm pretty critical about it :(

  2. I enjoyed Divergent both the book and film, but to be honest, I'm not all that excited about this one even before seeing the trailer. I think since the Hunger Games film franchise is so strong, I'm kind of disappointed by this one. The trailer looks pretty action packed, but I can't remember the book being all the intense.

  3. I've heard the series goes downhill after Divergent :( I loved both the first book and the movie.

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