Monday, 1 December 2014

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Hi Guys,
As the title says, I will be rambling a bit and todays topic is *drum roll* MUSIC!! Woop woop (enter confetti and strobe lighting!) Yep! Something you might not know about me is that I am obsessed with music and anything to do with musicals. I tend to irritate people by belting out Colours Of The Wind in science and pretending I'm Elsa, but everyone does that......right?

If you haven't heard of this musical, what planet have you been living on?! I went to see it early this year and it sure was spell bounding! I found that the musical was way better than the book and I knew every single song already. My fave song is definitely For Good, it had me bawling my eyes out!

These guys are my favourite band. My school planner is covered in their lyrics and my instagram feed has constant photos and memes of them. I love the feel they have to their music and it just makes you feel free whenever you listen to their music. Plus they all look like awesome guys and they are hilarious in their interviews!
I lurvvvee Taylor Swift now! Her music is just so catchy and always puts my mood up when I'm down. I love how she deals with all the hate and she comes across as a genuinely nice person! She isn't snobby or big-headed! She is gorgeous as well and I am turning towards the Swifty route.

ASDFGGHKKL! She is actually perfect. Her music moves me so much and makes you feel so independent and strong. She is beautiful, talented and just amazing. I love her and her music!

This band is the definition of phenomenal they are just real, I love their sound and they are perf. Their music might not be everyones cup of tea but this is THE BAND!!

This is some of my music taste as I have many more to show but the post was going to have like 10 rock bands with lengthy paragraphs to them! I might even make this a weekly thing for myself!
Plus, I bought my advent calender a couple of days ago and it is making me feel so christmasy!!

Who is you favourite band/artist??

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  1. Love this post! I have not listen to Wicked *hides in a corner* but it's because the musical has not come to Spain and so it felt weird listening to the songs =( I'm really enjoying Taylor's new album. I was scared at the beginning because what I love about her is her country tunes and this album has nothing like that but little by little it has starting to grow on me. My fav songs are: Blank Space, Style, All You Had To Do Was Stay, Bad Blood and Wonderland.
    I have loads of favourite bands but as of right now it has to be Bastille, OneRepublic, Ed Sheeran and The Script (I'm obsessed over their new album, honestly!)

  2. Thanks for sharing your teaser. The Book Thief has been on my list for some time now! And I love Lana del Rey!

    Here's my teaser:

  3. I don't necessarily have a favourite band/artist simply because I listen to so many! I like a few of Lana Del Ray's songs although they are far and few between: a favourite of mine being Video Games, because it reminds me of a song in Beaches, the musical. I also really love Wicked! So many great songs in there and generally an awesome play altogether.

  4. I love musicals! My favorite right now is Hellemyrsfolket, which is a Norwegian musical. I love it because they actually sing in my own dialect, and that is just amazing :D
    From Wicked I think Popular is my favorite song! That one is just hilarious. ;)