Friday, 12 December 2014

Zoella's Ghostwritten Book-My Opinion||❤

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So today I decided to talk about a topic which has been the talk on twitter and in the newspapers recently. We were all quite shocked when we found out that Zoella's book was actually ghostwritten. It caused rage and hate which was very much uneeded for. In my honest opinion I don't really mind it was ghost written it is not like it is uncommon to get help to write the book. At least it involved all of her ideas and maybe she just needed help because of her busy schedule to finish the book up.

I do not think I can judge Zoe in anyway possible as I have not read the book myself so I wouldn't know if the book actually 'screams ghostwritten.' What was the most interesting part about this was that people were enraged due to the fact that she didn't actually admit it herself (not entirely sure if she said so or not) and they expected her to have so much time in her hands to keep track of her youtube, beauty range and blog. I do think that people were overreacting to this completely and acted like Zoe didn't think of any of the characters or ideas. We all know the book is based on her blogging career and her personality but she did put a twist to it. There is nothing wrong with having your book ghostwritten as it has happened so many times before and isn't alien to any of us but as soon as Zoe's book is revealed to be ghostwritten then World War 3 started on twitter!

Although it isn't illegal to not mention or give credit to the ghostwriter, I do think that at least somewhere where the copyright part of the book is then maybe in tiny writing it should say their name and what they have helped to do. One ridiculous thing which did make me laugh was that somepeople wanted the ghostwriter's name plastered at the front of the book with the authors one!
What is your view on this?
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  1. I think it is bad that this is ghostwritten. She should've at least owned up to it, or added in the book somewhere those who helped her develop it. Yes, she may have a full schedule but this wouldn't be called ghostwritten if she had credited somewhere along the lines everyone who needed to be credited. It's always wrong to hate on someone though, and I don't like the sound of that.

    1. I do agree though, she should have admitted it in the first place then all this drama would have not happened.

  2. To me it wasn't a surprise that the book was ghostwritten actually. I thought it since the beginning mainly because she never talked about writing the book, only that she was publishing one, or the process or anything. All info was very vague. Probably she got the idea since people is saying there are a lot of similarities with Zoe's personal life but I do believe she did not write it. When Penguin said the book was ghostwritten it was like all hell broke loose. Seriously, the whole situation excalated pretty quickly and some of the comments were really mean and hurtful. To be honest I didn't really care about the whole thing because well, Zoe has made young people pretty excited about reading which is always an awesome thing but I do understand why people was so angry. I mean, the "Zoe brand" (let's face it, she's like a brand to loads of people out there) has been always based on authenticity and having a book written by other person is not being authentic, you know? That was for me the main problem and also the way Zoe handled everything was not particularly good because she basically hid herself. Yes, she uploaded a picture saying that she had help writing the book but that's just it. I thought it was a coward move and annoyed people even more. Anyhow, I was never planning on buying or reading the book and I don't think I would do it now anyways.

  3. I'm not completely against ghost-writing so long as they admit it from the beginning. Otherwise people do feel lied to and it creates a lot of drama that in the end won't be positive. Also it distracts from whether or not it's even a good book!

  4. I have yet to post my own review on this. I've read the book and it wasn't good at all. I don't like it when books are ghostwritten, but if the author is honest from the start about it - atleast I can still like them. She's gotten too much hate though, which is quite sad since Zoella has anxiety.

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