Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Years Resolutions||❤

1) To participate in the goodreads book challenge!
I have wanted to participate in this for quite a while but I just ft like starting it half way through the years was a bit of a waste of time and it felt like I cheated and I wanted it to be fair (I'm just odd, am I THE only one who do wordsearches in alphabetical order because it makes me feel better as  a person? Nope, alright I'm just a bit on the odd side)

2) Schedule blog posts before hand!
I am horrible at this, I end up writing the post on the day it should be published! This means I can't proof read my post properly and that leads to a load of grammatical mistakes, which are not nice for the reader.

3) Create a rating system!
Creating a rating system will probably clean up my posts a bit more. Instead of making the ratings for my reviews non contestant at the top of the post, I do think it should stand out a bit more. I was thinking about maybe either using normal stars or a set of bookworms!

4) Be more active on goodreads!
I feel like I have left goodreads on the side for  a while now and I want to interact with more book bloggers and with the group's I have joined. Recently, I have found myself participating more in discussions and making friend which I found exciting .

5)Have fun!
Next year I want to venture out and do stuff I would never do. I want to see another musical in the West End,  practice violin a lot more, finish tv series, start yoga, possibly start a youtube channel and just enjoy life!

Hope you have a wonderful new year full with surprises!

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  1. Firstly, we're going to watch a west end musical together and secondly, what is your channel going to be? I'll help you out ;) xx

    1. Yes definitely something, already searching for tickets! I don't know maybe a beauty channel or maybe you, Ella and I should start a collab channel!

  2. Great resolutions! Here are some of my own