Friday, 29 August 2014

Book to Film Adaptations||❤

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Loads of books this year are being adapted into films and most of them I haven't read yet. I can't watch a film without reading the book and I vow to that and will never change that rule of mine. So these are a list of books I want to see the film of this year!

So my first pick is the Maze Runner. I watched the trailer of the film and didn't like it a single bit. I didn't like the book either but I'm just watching it so I can cringe and laugh at the emotional parts, Apparently in the film they don't have the telepathy thing going on and that was my favourite part of the book. I just want to see it so I can grill at it for not meeting my extremely high expectations. When it comes to films I am horrible, I didn't even enjoy The Fault in Our Stars that much *shock face*, yep I am quite a picky one,

I am a massive Hunger Games fan and stuck right by the books when people said that Divergent was better, I yawned through Divergent I found it boring and predictable. They have split the films into two parts which I find better because cramming that much action in 2 hours would be mind blowing!! I read the last book was confused for ages and ages about the whole thing, read it again, partly understood it but they say three is a lucky number so maybe if I read it once more I will understand the book. The ending just spoilt the book and I even warned my friends not to go through that gruelling end to such a wonderful series. I won't say what it was but I can't get over how much it hurt me when I was at the final blank pages searching for a bit more to make up for it.

So this is the film I am most excited about! It has already come out in cinemas but I need to read the book. The trailer is meh standard, didn't blow me away but apparently it is an amazing book. I am trying to creep away for Dystopia so this book will be essential for me. The Telegraph gave it a 2star rating like most newspapers and film review website so I'm hoping that the book the book will be amazing. Fingers crossed!

So these are the book to film adaptations I am yet to see. Hope you guys enjoy it and see you Monday!!

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